Michael Piper

Fine Artist

A collection of works.

Michael Piper

Fine Artist

A collection of works.


I am inspired primarily by the work of the Baroque period, creating paintings which are a modern reinterpretation of classic imagery. This Neo-Baroque approach is the core of all my work from my current series of religious inspired imagery to my portraiture. My biggest influence is Rembrandt Van Rijn, whose work seems to be alive and powerfully real, particularly his late works which are a rich source of experimental painting techniques.

I am a self taught artist, using oils to create my work, I learned to paint from the study of the old masters and from contemporary artists such as Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock, whose experimental use of paint made me aware of the beauty in chaotic application and the entrapment of emotion in these layers. I began painting and studying full time during a period of 'sofa surfing' in 2008 when I was homeless and used this time to further myself as an artist, I have developed my style over the years and am always adapting and changing my approach as I fear work can become formulaic without this experimentation.

My work focusses predominantly on the human form and face, using expression and gesture to portray the story and emotion of each individual subject. I am concious in my work to avoid creating an illustration, as the paint itself tells a story and these passages of brush strokes hold the emotions felt during the creation of the piece, I feel it is important the viewer is aware they are looking at a painting and not a replication of a photograph.
As with the work of the Baroque period, my work uses strong lighting and intense chiaroscuro in order to create drama and atmosphere, essentially, guiding the viewer through the story.

Alongside my painting I teach observational drawing in a local primary school and devote 2 days a week to running art classes for the charity, Headway Northampton, a day centre for people recovering and/or living with acquired brain injury. This is an inspirational use of my time and skills and is very rewarding. My classes look at all manner of arts and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping individuals to accomplish their personal goals.



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